Xavier Daval

Job Title
kiloWattsol SAS

Xavier Daval is the Chair of the French solar commission SER-SOLER and Vice-President of the Renewable Energies industry association (Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables - SER). Daval seats at the board Directors of the Global Solar Council (GSC)
Daval is an international solar expert and the CEO of kiloWattsol, France #1 Solar Technical Advisory which he founded in 2007. Daval is an Electronic engineer and former Director EMEA of a world leading manufacturer of tools for the electronics industry.
Besides, Daval is associated teacher with Lyon-I University and ENTPE Engineering school and guest lecturer for Entrepreneurship at EM-Lyon, one of Europe’s top 10 business schools.

October 06, 2021The French PV Market, Challenges and Developments


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