Intersolar Europe Trend Papers

The Intersolar Europe Trend Papers provide you with a quick overview of the background and current developments on selected topics.

Trend Paper: Next Generation Solar Cells

Photovoltaic modules are becoming increasingly more powerful while PV system costs continue to fall. This change is being driven by a huge learning curve in the industry due to growing production, increased installation capacity and technical optimization as well as the use of larger wafers, half-cell modules and the refinement of PERC cell technology (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell). And it doesn’t stop there.

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Trend Paper: Agri-Photovoltaics

Efficient dual land use for agriculture and solar power generation via agri-photovoltaics (agri-PV) is developing dynamically and attracting increasing interest. Agri-PV has long ceased to be a niche product.

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Trend Paper: Floating Photovoltaics

Floating PV systems are gaining momentum. They are often referred to as the third pillar of the global solar market.

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Trend Paper: Springtime for the Energy Transition – the End of the Oil and Coal Era

Already 40 years ago, scientists predicted what consequences the unchecked burning of fossil fuels would have for our climate and our lives. Nevertheless, nothing happened for decades. Meanwhile, climate protection is making progress, but still not fast enough.

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