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Product Groups
  • Inverters
  • PV monitoring, measuring and control technologies
  • Building integrated solutions (Facades, etc.)
  • Roof-mounted PV systems for commercial and industrial applications
  • Lead-based batteries
  • Battery recycling/second use
  • Stationary energy storage for residential buildings
  • Stationary energy storage for commercial and industrial applications
  • Stationary energy storage for utilities and grid operators
  • AC charging systems
  • DC charging systems
  • Energy management, monitoring, controlling and load management
Contact Information
+370 52638771
Mokslininku str. 6A, Vilnius
08412 Vilnius, Lithuania

Individual company presentation

Introducing SoliTek, a European family-owned manufacturer of PV modules and smart energy storage & management systems. With a 250 MW solar panel capacity and 350 MWh AI-powered batteries, SoliTek is a leading solar module producer in Northern Europe and a rising star in producing smart energy storage systems. SoliTek is also a part of the high-tech companies’ cluster, BOD Group, which has been engineering first-class tech products since 1998.

Notably, SoliTek achieved carbon neutrality in 2022, offsetting more CO2 than it’s emitted during module production. Their solar panels are crafted using 100% green energy.

Solitek's efforts in sustainability have not gone unnoticed. Recognitions include being the only PV producer globally awarded the prestigious Cradle to Cradle GOLD certificate and an A-level rating from SundaHus for sustainability. Additionally, SoliTek holds the esteemed DIBt certificate, confirming outstanding product quality and suitability for overhead glazing solutions in Germany.

SoliTek's solar panels are synonymous with durability and sustainability:

  • Backed by a 30-year warranty and a 50-year lifetime
  • Constructed from tough tempered 3+3 mm glass
  • Featuring uncommon frameless modules with a self-cleaning effect
  • Resistant against golf ball-sized hail and 10 meters of snow load
  • 98.8% recyclable

SoliTek goes beyond traditional solar module manufacturing. Collaborating with European partners, they innovate integrated solutions like PV systems for carports or PV systems replacing rooftops.

Made from LFP (Lithium and Iron Phosphates), the SoliTek NOVA smart battery is safer than traditional lithium-ion batteries due to lower overheating and ignition risks. This is currently the safest home battery technology. On top of that, SoliTek is building a battery recycling facility in Italy in 2026.

In a world of promises, SoliTek delivers genuinely green, durable, and intelligent energy technology. Designed AND ethically manufactured in the EU.

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