Webinar: Bundestag Debates Solar Package I

Expert Interview – September 27, 2023

Carsten Körnig, General Manager of the German Solar Industry Association (BSW)

What should solar companies and installers expect, and how should they prepare to benefit from the changes that will be brought about by the Solar Package I ?

Intersolar Europe and the German Solar Association (BSW-Solar) will answer these questions in a free webinar on October 5, 2023. The experts of BSW-Solar will report from the Bundestag and explain which regulations and subsidies will change from January 2024, and how this is likely to affect the market for the various PV segments in Germany. We spoke to Carsten Körnig, CEO of BSW-Solar, about what to expect from the webinar.

What can viewers expect from the upcoming Solar Package 1 webinar?

I am looking forward to hosting this webinar, in which two BSW-Solar experts will provide concise, hands-on and clear information about the planned amendments, which are expected to come into effect as early as the beginning of the new year. These legal changes will have a significant impact on the German PV market. In our webinar aimed at solar businesses, we will explain how to prepare, and answer your questions. We will also be joined by a lawyer specializing in energy law and the solar industry.

Will the Solar Package 1 create new business opportunities?

It certainly will. We expect new markets to be created for photovoltaics, both for building PV and for ground level solar farms. The webinar will provide more details.

The photovoltaics strategy adopted by Robert Habeck, Germany’s Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, already addresses eleven fields of action. The strategy forms the basis for the Solar Package. Which of these fields of action will have the greatest impact on solar companies and installers?

This is probably the most far-reaching solar reform of the last 20 years and affects several laws, such as the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and the Energy Industry Act (EnWG). This will transform the framework conditions for almost all areas of PV business.

Let me just illustrate this with three examples that will be discussed in our webinar: Cutting red tape for community solar building supply could open up a whole new market segment comprising many millions of smaller multi-family homes. This segment has been largely untapped due to bureaucratic hurdles. The second example, agricultural land and buildings, will actually see several improvements. During the webinar, we will explain how the Solar Package will pave the way for substantial business opportunities. The grid connection of building PV and ground-mounted PV will be simplified – we will explain how this will be achieved.

How satisfied is the German Solar Association with the outcome of the package of measures?

Many of BSW-Solar’s recommendations on how to reduce barriers and improve investment conditions are reflected in the bill. However, some important points are still missing. This is why we hope that the parliamentary process will bring some corrections. Any input from the solar industry is welcome. The last opportunity to share your input with us is on October 5.

Karsten Körnig spoke to Sarah Hommel de Mendonça.

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