What Opportunities Does Agri-PV Offer for Agriculture in Germany?

The smarter E Podcast Episode 166 | February 15, 2024 | Language: German

Agri-PV is on the rise: since land use conflicts in Germany and Europe are one of the main problems in achieving for achieving solar expansion targets and thus climate protection, dual use concepts such as agri-PV are increasingly coming into focus. However, the application of agri-PV harbors high potential for complexity due to the involvement of various stakeholders, primarily farmers, investors and landowners. This is where different interests and needs.

About this area of tension but also what Agri-PV can bring to Germany, we spoke to Mark Kugel from „Obsthof Bernhard“.


  • 04:14 What percentage of agricultural land in Germany is actually suitable for agri-PV?
  • 10:40 Tension between solar investor, landowner and farmer: How should this triangular relationship be structured economically for agri-PV to succeed?
  • 16:16 How can we ensure that farming remains the main activity of farmers, even though the revenues from electricity generation are very lucrative?
  • 20:02 Regulatory framework for agri-PV in Germany: Where are we on the right track and where do we absolutely need improvements?

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About Mark Kugel

Mark Kugel, Obsthof Bernhard

Mark Kugel grew up on Lake Constance in a family that mainly grew hops and apples. After completing his master's degree in industrial engineering and several years as an entrepreneur, mainly in the aerospace industry, he now supports the family business with AgriPV. Following the success of his great-uncle Hubert Bernhard's first AgriPV pilot plant on apples, the family is planning to build and operate further plants for their own farm, but also for interested farmers in the region.

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