Sunny Outlook for Photovoltaics & Storage in Europe

The smarter E Podcast Episode 79 | February 03, 2022 | Language: English

The energy industry is undergoing dynamic change. There are currently exciting developments across Europe in the areas of PV and storage. Nevertheless, there are calls in many places for a significant expansion of renewables. But what is the status quo? Will we achieve the EU-wide climate targets as things stand? Michael Schmela, Executive Advisor of SolarPower Europe, tells us.


  • 2.38: About the current developments on the market

  • 7.36: How is the structure of today’s European solar markets?

  • 14.58: About PV Production in Europe

  • 19.06: Trends in solar: Are thre any other major solar trends in Europe?

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About Michael Schmela & SolarPower Europe

Michael Schmela is the Executive Advisor and a member of the leadership team of SolarPower Europe, the European association of the solar power sector. Schmela has been working in the solar industry for over 20 years. After co-founding Photon-Magazine in 1996, he served in various positions in the Photon group, primarily as Editor-in-Chief of Photon International. In 2016, TaiyangNews, a digital news platform for the solar industry that Schmela founded, went online.

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