Renaissance of European PV Production - Solar Boom 2.0?

The smarter E Podcast Episode 23 | October 22, 2020 | Language: German

Once the German solar industry was world class. Then it collapsed. Recent developments in the East German "Solar Valley" indicate that the industry is now on the verge of a comeback.

The Swiss machine manufacturer Meyer Burger no longer wants to offer machines for solar production only, but wants to produce cells and modules itself. Solar cells are to come from Bitterfeld, modules from Freiberg, from former solar sites in eastern Germany.

Meyer Burger sees itself as a pioneer in the reconstruction of the European solar industry, which in recent years has surrendered its once high market share to Asian manufacturers in particular. But how do you intend to prevail against the competition from the Far East?

We talk about that with Meyer Burger CEO Gunter Erfurt.

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About Gunter Erfurt and Meyer Burger

Meyer Burger CEO Gunter Erfurt

Meyer Burger is a globally active technology company in photovoltaics (solar industry). The company aims to create sustainable added value for its customers with innovative systems and production facilities. As CEO, Gunter Erfurt manages the fortunes of the Swiss mechanical engineering company.

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