Exhibitor FAQ The smarter E Europe 2021

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1. Why has The smarter E Europe in July 2021 been canceled?

On account of the Covid-19 pandemic, requirements, conditions and the general feasibility of holding large events such as The smarter E Europe remain unclear. We had guaranteed planning security by the end of April to everyone involved. As a consequence, we have decided to cancel the July event while setting a new date for The smarter E Europe Restart 2021 in October.

2. Why was The smarter E Europe first postponed to July 2021, and then again to October 2021?

Back in January, when we first had to postpone the event, there were no free time slots at Messe München for after July 2021. The new slot, from October 6–8, 2021, has only recently become available.

3. Is there a possibility that the October event will be postponed once again?

We will not postpone the event again because the time until the next The smarter E Europe in May 2022 would then be too short.

4. Is it possible to transfer my application for the July event to the October event?

Your registration for The smarter E Europe in July 2021 is no longer valid. This is because some of the conditions, such as the setup of the halls, will be different in October. If you would like to participate in The smarter E Europe Restart 2021 in October, we require that you register again. Simply use our online application form .

5. What will happen with my AWARD submission?

Your AWARD submission will still be considered; the cancellation of the July event does not affect submissions, the selection of the winners and the AWARD ceremony itself. This will take place as planned. The winners of The smarter E AWARD, Intersolar AWARD and ees AWARD 2021 will be honored in a virtual ceremony during The smarter E Industry Days from July 21–23, 2021, and streamed live via The smarter E website.

6. Will I be refunded the full amount of my payment?

The cancellation of The smarter E Europe in July means that you are no longer obligated to pay for your participation in the event. The booth space fee, the trade association fee and the waste removal fee will be refunded in full.

Over the course of the past months, we were able to initiate various PR actions such as listing your company in the exhibitor list on our website. We also have other similar publicity projects planned for The smarter E Industry Days. We therefore reserve the right to retain the fees for entry in the exhibitor list.

7. Can I transfer the payment made?

We can hold the payments you have already made to be credited toward future invoices. There is no need to fill out a form. However, if you would like to be refunded, please let us know after you receive the credit note for the participation fee in July.

8. What are the conditions of participation in the October event?

All information on participation in The smarter E Europe Restart 2021 in October can be found on our website. Take this opportunity to register directly for The smarter E Europe 2022 and enjoy additional benefits for 2021. Our sales team is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding booth reservation and can be reached at +49 7231 58598-299.

9. Will we be in the same booth placement as we would have in July?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the same booth placement as in July 2021, as the hall setup has changed. However, we will attempt to meet all needs and requests and will aim for the best possible arrangement.

10. Will you make an exception to the payment deadline for exhibitors?

Unfortunately, we cannot make any exception to the payment deadline. An invoice for the booth rental fee will be issued once the booth has been assigned. This invoice confirms the exact booth size and is due for payment immediately.

11. Is there a special policy for The smarter E Europe Restart 2021 in place for anyone who wishes to cancel after registration?

The cancellation policy has been amended in line with the new event dates (October 6–8, 2021). The new version is:

Date on which FWTM receives the
exhibitor’s notification:
Cancellation fee amount in % in
relation to the fees and
remuneration which FWTM would
have received through contract
Subsequent to June 4, 2021 25%
Subsequent to July 16, 2021 50%
Subsequent to August 27, 2021 100%

12. What happens if the event cannot take place in October?

In this case, we will proceed as we have for the July event and refund the fee for participation in the event (less the fee for entry into the exhibitor list).

13. Will I still receive Membership Points for registering for the event in July despite the postponement?

Since we have canceled the event, you will not receive any Membership Points for your registration for the July event. If you register for the October event, you will receive the regular number of Membership Points

14. Will there be any online event from July 21–23, 2021 when the exhibition was initially set to take place?

The smarter E Industry Days will be organized as a purely digital event from July 21–23, 2021. This online event will offer you as an exhibitor extra presentation opportunities for your company and products as well as various chances to interact with visitors and the opportunity to host your own online events (e.g. workshops, panel discussions, factory tours) which will be advertised over our platform. There will also be an exciting accompanying program with keynote speeches on the most important industry trends. As a special highlight, the winners of The smarter E AWARD, Intersolar AWARD and ees AWARD 2021 will be honored in a virtual ceremony as part of the Industry Days.

15. How many visitors do you expect at the in-person exhibition in October?

We expect between 20,000 and 25,000 visitors from Germany and abroad at The smarter E Europe Restart 2021. We also expect even broader international reach through the streamed programming we will be offering on all three days of the exhibition.

16. What advantages do I have if I register for October 2021 and May 2022 at the same time?

All exhibitors participating in The smarter E Europe 2021 and 2022 will be able to enjoy the following additional services for 2021:

  • Redeemed guest vouchers will not be invoiced
  • 15% discount on services for the Industry Days
  • €250 credit for services booked via the Exhibitor Cockpit
  • Best possible placement

17. Can I already book a booth for 2022?

Exhibitors participating in The smarter E Europe in October 2021 will be given priority when booking for the 2022 exhibition. Booth reservation for The smarter E Europe 2022 will begin in mid-May 2021.