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+49 8377 929409030
varista GmbH
An der Aitranger Str. 3
87647 Unterthingau, Germany
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varista® photovoltaic and solar thermal mounting system

The varista® photovoltaic and solar thermal mounting system,
from roof hooks to mounting rails to grounding accessories, you get everything from a single source. The substructure for solar and PV systems offer you solutions for all types of roofing:

The varista® mounting clip

The heart of our substructure is the assembly clip. It is used for almost every connection between the individual components. The mounting clip consists of a plastic part and a specially developed stainless steel nut.

Thanks to the plastic clip, the components can be easily moved and positioned without hooks or rubbing. When the screw is tightened, the stainless steel nut turns out of the plastic clip and thus ensures a firm and secure hold in the varista® rail channel.

Varista GmbH

Founded in 2007, varista GmbH has been developing and producing mounting systems for photovoltaics and solar systems ever since . In 2010, the development of the system was funded with the innovation voucher from the Bavarian State Ministry. In addition, the system with the varista® mounting clip has been patented since 2013 and has been mass-produced and sold ever since. Thanks to constant further development of the system, assembly is becoming easier and faster by hand.

The statics and safety of the varista® mounting system

With the help of our planning software , meaningful statics can easily be created when preparing the offer. Our customers receive all important data and information in the planning process. In this way, the perfect substructure for the location can be planned and calculated right from the start.

In terms of safety, all components of the system are checked for their maximum load capacity and checked in CAD programs. For example, an extensive and meaningful test was carried out by the TÜV on our roof hook.

Our location in the Allgäu / Bavaria

The location of varista GmbH has always shaped the assembly system. Due to the snowy weather in Unterthingau, the substructure was developed for high loads from the start. The system can withstand large amounts of snow and ice, as well as strong gusts of wind. Our products meet all requirements up to snow load zone IV and high wind loads .
Of course, there is also the right attachment for your photovoltaic system for lower snow and wind load zones than those in the Allgäu.
Our customers include wholesalers, project planners and skilled craftsmen throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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