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  • Crystalline modules

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+86 516 6800 0567
Solarspace Technology Co., Ltd.
No. 29, Gaoxin Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone
221000 Xuzhou, China
Individual company presentation

SolarSpace was established on January 11, 2011. Its main business is the research and development, production, and sales of solar cells, mainly selling high-efficiency single crystal cells to globally renowned component enterprises. According to PV InfoLink statistics, the company's battery cell shipment volume in the first half of 2022 ranked fourth globally.

The company always adheres to the primary development task of ensuring product quality, and the core development goal is the industrialization of research and development achievements. The company fully grasps the strategic opportunities in recent years where the demand for battery cells has shifted from polycrystalline to monocrystalline, from small-sized to large-sized, and from PERC to TOPCon. With accurate analysis of the technological development trend in the battery cell market, it accurately matches the needs of downstream customers.

While deeply cultivating the field of solar cells, the company has also invested in the construction of some component production capacity to optimize the layout of the industrial chain, accelerate the verification speed of battery cells, promote the upgrading of battery products, and better serve downstream customers. As of the end of 2022, the company has a production capacity of 24GW cells and 4.5GW of module production. The company actively promotes overseas production capacity construction, adding 2GW of single crystal PERC battery cell production capacity and 1.2GW of component production capacity in Cambodia.

The company is committed to "Empower the green life", adhering to the development path of technology research and innovation, promoting technology upgrading and product improvement, providing efficient and reliable photovoltaic products for customers around the world, and helping green energy development and the realization of carbon neutrality goals.

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