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Product Groups
  • ICT, PV software
  • Automation technology
  • Operation and maintenance of solar power installations (e.g. drones, cleaning robots, software)
  • Apps, products and services
  • Digitalisation, data management & analytics, IoT
Contact Information
SenseHawk, Inc.
1875 S Bascom Ave. Suite 2400, 5.
95008 Campbell, United States

Individual company presentation

SenseHawk's Digitization Platform provides easy, in-time access to all information needed by teams on a solar site.

From site planning, to construction, and eventually operations and maintenance, SenseHawk provides the tools required for teams to aggregate their task, report, document, and communication management on one platform.

A fully integrated suite combined with a mobile app provides an end-to-end solution for the entire asset lifecycle for solar and construction projects. Owners, EPCs, and O&M teams all find value to help digitize, access, and share information and to assign, manage and monitor tasks on-site.

The GIS-enabled platform allows users to create a digital twin of their project, with component-level details, associating files, datasheets, purchase or warranty records, drawings, tasks and conversations. A visual map of the entire site and its components can be accessed digitally.

The SenseHawk platform integrates layered inputs from multiple sources, including geospatial data, sensor data from drones, SCADA, and other systems, enabling data analytics and planning chains that drive productivity.

Users can also import or create their project schedule on the platform, and track and monitor progress of construction by integrating available reports. Tracking everything from plans, to the as-built is as easy as selecting the different layers on the platform.

Document versioning ensures that authorised team members have access to up-to-date information and records, improving efficiency and reducing potential rework.

Assigning tasks and tracking completion are as simple as navigating to the right location on the site using the map-based interface on a mobile device. The in-built contextual chat makes it easy to coordinate with other teams in real-time.

AI-powered drone analytics increases speed of defect classification, and the integrated mobile app makes assigning tasks to relevant teams for remediation quick and easy. The task dashboard allows easy tracking of open tasks and automates punchlist generation.

On-site teams can easily navigate to a specific component on the site to complete an open task assigned to them.

Forms and templates reduce time spent on manual data capture, and provide standardized data for future analysis.

Inventory movement can be tracked to optimize on-site schedules as well as procurement and utilization.

Map-based views help simplify ongoing inspections for under construction projects with a large geospatial footprint.

Templates help take the pain out of repetitive tasks, and form and task templates can be shared across an entire project or an organizations’ portfolio.

Easily record and approve punch list items to manage all your processes in one place. Categories and tags allow you to better organize your tasks and project information.

Automated reports reduce time spent on manual report generation.

Customizable dashboards make it easy for each stakeholder to track key metrics and progress.

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