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Product Groups
  • Manufacturing Equipment for ingots, wafers, raw material polysilicon, UMG, etc.
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LAPLACE Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
No.1,jikang Road,kengzi Street,pingshan District
518000 Shenzhen/guangdong, China

Individual company presentation

Established in May 2016, LAPLACE Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd. brings together a team of leading experts from the photovoltaic and semiconductor equipment industries, both domestically and internationally. Our focus lies in providing cutting-edge equipment and solutions for research and manufacturing, with a primary emphasis on advancing renewable energy technologies.

Our flagship products encompass a range of high-performance thermal processing equipment, including boron diffusion, phosphorus diffusion, oxidation, and annealing systems. Additionally, we offer advanced coating technologies such as LPCVD and PECVD, alongside laser technology tailored to enhance photovoltaic processes. Complementing these offerings are automation systems designed to streamline and support these critical processes, all with a keen eye on efficiency and sustainability.

These technologies find extensive application in the research, development, and manufacturing of high-efficiency photovoltaic cells and semiconductor discrete devices, contributing to the ongoing evolution of renewable energy solutions worldwide.

With a dedicated workforce exceeding 3000 employees, with over 40% devoted to R&D and technical support, LAPLACE remains committed to fostering innovation and excellence. As of March 2024, we have filed for over 900 patents and obtained nearly 550 authorizations, underscoring our relentless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions and intellectual property.

Notably, LAPLACE has made significant strides in overcoming technical barriers, particularly in the development of N-type high-efficiency photovoltaic cells. Our core equipment has garnered widespread adoption among industry leaders, playing a pivotal role in achieving breakthroughs in photovoltaic cell conversion efficiency. LAPLACE has been instrumental in supporting industry pioneers in surpassing world records for photovoltaic cell efficiency on multiple occasions.

Currently, LAPLACE has been instrumental in serving production lines operating at full capacity, with a cumulative power output exceeding 100GW. Additionally, LAPLACE offers comprehensive turnkey solutions and guarantees power output for PV cell manufacturing plants. These initiatives underscore our steadfast commitment to addressing the escalating demand for cutting-edge renewable energy solutions and catalyzing positive transformation within the global energy sector.

(boron diffusion, phosphorus diffusion, oxidation and annealing equipment, etc.), coating (LPCVD, PECVD equipment, etc.), and supporting automation equipment, with application concentrated in the field of research & development and manufacturing of high-efficiency photovoltaic cells and semiconductor discrete devices. LAPLACE has over 3000 employees currently, with R&D and technical support personnel accounting for over 40%. As of June 30, 2023, LAPLACE has applied for over 600 patents and obtained nearly 400 authorizations.

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