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Contrada Blocco Torrazze
95121 Catania, Italy
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3SUN is the solar panel factory of Enel Green Power, an Enel Group company. Established in 2010 in Catania, Italy, 3SUN is transforming to become Europe's largest high performance photovoltaic cell and module facility. A Gigafactory that will grow from an annual production of 200 MW to 3 GW per year, helping to reduce energy dependency on the Continent, thanks to the great competitiveness and convenience of high-efficiency solar technology, the result of research conducted at 3Sun. The project will be completed during 2024.

Sustainability and innovation are the two main pillars to become a catalyst for the revitalization of the photovoltaic industry on the European continent. 3SUN's photovoltaic modules are based on a silicon 'heterojunction' technology (HeteroJunction Technology, HJT) that performs better than conventional technologies. Starting in 2025, an innovative technology called 'Tandem' will be implemented that will significantly exceed the state-of-the-art photovoltaic cells in terms of efficiency, reaching more than 30 per cent, while improving panel reliability.

3SUN will bring three different products to the market: two photovoltaic modules for Distributed Generation, one of which for the premium Residential Rooftop segment, and a larger bi-facial module designed for Utility scale applications. The second Distributed Generation product is meant to be versatile and can serve both the Residential and the Commercial & Industrial Rooftop segments.

3SUN’s entire product portfolio shares market leading characteristics such as high efficiency, , low degradation and low temperature coefficients. In particular, the US module fully leverages 3SUN’s HJT cell technology and offers a top of-the-class bi-faciality factor that concurs to overall higher energy yields and improved LCOE.

On top of its cell and module technology, 3SUN’s has also developed a state-of-the-art highly automated and traceable manufacturing process with low temperature interconnections that allows to increase overall product quality and maximize production yields. Thanks to this innovative process 3Sun is able to offer a 30-year Product Performance Warranty on its entire product portfolio.

Amongst the benefits of the Gigafactory project, there are also positive repercussions on employment with the creation of new jobs. The new hires will increase 3Sun's team, which already numbers over 200 people, to a total of around 900. In addition to increasing direct employment, the Gigafactory will also generate to a total of 1,000 indirect jobs (including current ones) by 2024.

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