The smarter E – The new energy world

The global energy industry is undergoing a radical transformation. Digitalization and decentralization are changing the face of the energy world for good. Renewable energy has become a crucial part of our energy supply system, with global investments in renewables surpassing those made in fossil energy sources for the first time in 2015. more

Award Ceremony for the Energy Transition Awards

As part of the project “Utilities and the Energy Transition” EuPD Research analyzed the entirety of the nearly 1.300 German utility companies. During the „Smart Renewable Energy Forum“ at Intersolar Europe the best among these utilities were awarded with the „Energy Transition Award“ for their outstanding portfolio of products, services and information. more

Award ceremony for the first time at the Intersolar Europe fair in Munich

The winners of the Georg Salvamoser Prize 2017 have been chosen. The jury has selected three award winners out of a plurality of high-ranking applications. more

Today, Every Fifth Utility Company in Germany Offers Photovoltaics to Private Household

Between February and April 2017 EuPD Research analyzed all 1.300 German utility companies in Germany as part of the project „Utility Companies and the Energy Transition“. The research is focused on the product and service portfolio of the companies, as well as the information they provide concerning the energy transition. more

Colloboration between wind and solar energy in the workshop

Wind and solar energy are the mainstays of the energy transition, as intelligently connecting different producers forms the basis of a stable power supply. Different energy plants are often affected by the same regulatory conditions – regardless whether they are producing wind or solar power. more

Side-Event: PV/Energy Storage Market Brief Asia

According to the PV Market Alliance (PVMA), Asia installed more than 50 GW of PV power generation capacities, thus represents 2/3 of the total global demand in 2016. At the same time, Asia is home to more than 90% of existing global production capacities for wafer, cells and modules. This situation makes Asia one of the most attractive places to invest in the PV business. more

Photovoltaics and electric vehicles are highly significant for usage in private households

A current survey of 1,000 private households displays the relevance for the usage of “green products” at home. Photovoltaic systems as well as electric vehicles are described as having the greatest potential for usage. more

Directing Solar Power

Manufacturers will present their new inverters at Intersolar Europe

  • Battery inverters manage more than just solar power.
  • The range of solar inverters available is growing.
  • Find out about the latest innovations in the inverter industry.

In the past, solar inverters performed one single task: converting direct current generated by photovoltaics into alternating current which can be fed into the grid. more