Expert Interviews

The smarter E Europe – Expert Interviews

Learning from the best

Seven questions on innovative utility companies and the Energy Transition Award for Martin Ammon of EuPD Research.


Intersolar AWARD

Exclusive Interview with the Intersolar AWARD Finalists 2020

The finalists of the Intersolar AWARD 2020 answer four questions about the award nomination and future innovations for the renewable energy industry.


Michael Schmela

Intersolar Europe – Expert Interviews

The decade of solar has begun

March 13, 2020 - Michael Schmela: “The decade of solar has begun”. Seven questions for the top market researcher from SolarPower Europe on trends, developments and positive prospects for the solar energy industry despite the spread of the new coronavirus.


Radovan Kopecek

Intersolar Europe – Expert Interviews

Efficiency gains vary from 5 to 25 percent

March 2, 2020 - Dr. Radovan Kopecek: "Efficiency gains vary from 5 to 25 percent". Seven questions to Dr. Radovan Kopecek, the CTO of the International Solar Energy Research Center Konstanz about the potential for increased yields thanks to bifacial modules.