Fields and the Sun: Agricultural PV, an Opportunity for the Energy and the Farming Industry

Market Trends

The latest tracking systems for Agri-PV applications will be presented at the "Intersolar Europe Special Exhibit Agri-PV".

The EU’s objectives are ambitious: The total solar energy deployment is to reach around 750 gigawatts by 2030. In this context, dual land use concepts, especially agricultural PV, are gaining importance.

Agriculture or renewable sources of energy – in the past, it was either, or.

Agricultural PV is a new, innovative approach offering promising options for agriculture and climate protection by joining agricultural production and the generation of electricity on the same surface.

Extensive subsidies

European countries such as Italy, Germany and France subsidize agricultural PV with the aim of deploying more solar energy while reducing the competition for land use. Italy has launched a program for advanced agricultural PV systems worth 1.7 billion euros, Germany has introduced a separate auction segment with a top value for “special solar installation” (which includes agricultural PV installations) in the Solar Package 1, and France is deemed one of the pioneers for dedicated legislation.

Benefits of agricultural PV

The advantages of dual land use are obvious: It reconciles solar energy with agriculture, and the protection against storm, hale, frost and draught adds an extra bonus for farmers. Farmers’ income is diversified. Shading and wind protection provided by solar panels reduces evaporation, and innovative solar panels have been developed that also collect rainwater for irrigation. This can benefit farming operations by boosting their resilience against crop failure.

Intersolar Europe 2024: special attention on agricultural PV

Intersolar Europe is putting a particular focus on agricultural PV. A special exhibit in the Outdoor Area will be dedicated to the topic. Partners of the special exhibit are BayWa AG, BayWa r.e., Conexio PSE, Vista Geo and ZIMMERMANN PV-Steel Group. What’s more, of the more than 1,370 Intersolar Europe exhibitors, some 60 exhibitors will be showcasing agricultural PV products and solutions. Experts will dive deeper into the topic and offer even wider information at a number of sessions at the Intersolar Forum and the Intersolar Europe Conference.

Further information on Agri-PV can be found at:

Intersolar Europe Conference: Session
Agricultural PV: How to Tap into Europe's Huge Potential for Solar Power in Agriculture
Tuesday, June 18, 2024, 04:30pm-06:00pm
Hall ICM München, Room 14 C

Intersolar Forum
Agricultural PV: Combining Photovoltaics and Agriculture
Thursday, June 20, 2024, 11:45am-12:40pm
Messe München, Hall A3, Booth A3.150

Intersolar Europe Special Exhibits Agrivoltaics
Outdoor Area, Booth FM.703/19

Intersolar Europe exhibitors; product group Agri-PV:

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