Exhibitors on the Topic of Climate Neutrality

How does a company become climate-neutral? How can a company's energy consumption be reduced? What options are there for becoming energy-independent? And how do I convert my company's fleet to e-mobility?

Answers to these questions and support in implementing climate protection measures will be provided by The smarter E Europe in Munich.

Excerpt from the Exhibitor List 2023

To help you find your way around quickly, we have compiled an excerpt from the list of exhibitors at The smarter E Europe with a matching product portfolio. More exhibitors of The smarter E Europe can be found here .

Company Booth Number Exhibitor of
ABB E-Mobility B6.560 Power2Drive Europe
ads-tec Energy GmbH C2.150 ees Europe
ads-tec Energy GmbH B6.154 Power2Drive Europe
AGF Energiesysteme GmbH B5.171G EM-Power Europe
Alfen BV B2.210 ees Europe
Alfen BV B6.210 Power2Drive Europe
Alpha ESS Europe GmbH B1.150 ees Europe
BayWa Mobility Solutions GmbH B6.570 Power2Drive Europe
BayWa r.e. AG A4.181, A4.180, A4.190 Intersolar Europe
BeChained Artificial Intelligence Technologies S.L. B5.171K EM-Power Europe
Commeo GmbH B2.310 ees Europe
DAfi GmbH / Smartfox B5.111 EM-Power Europe
Dekra B6.340 Power2Drive Europe
Eaton B2.180 ees Europe
energielenker solutions GmbH B5.450 EM-Power Europe
Enerox GmbH B2.590 ees Europe
EnExpert OHG B5.151B EM-Power Europe
Ernst Schweizer AG A5.240 Intersolar Europe
Esdec A6.160 Intersolar Europe
European Alternative Fuels Observatory B6.250B Power2Drive Europe
Exide Technologies GmbH B2.150 ees Europe
Fenecon GmbH B1.230 ees Europe
Fronius International GmbH B6.130 Power2Drive Europe
FusionSolar C1.210 Intersolar Europe
GLS Mobilität GmbHi.G. B6.450 Power2Drive Europe
Goldbeck Solar GmbH A5.480 Intersolar Europe
GP Joule connect GmbH B6.109 Power2Drive Europe
Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH A1.270, A1.180 Intersolar Europe
HPS Home Power Solutions AG B2.430 ees Europe
hymate GmbH B5.151I EM-Power Europe
IBC Solar AG A4.470, A4.570 Intersolar Europe
inavitas B5.439 EM-Power Europe
Intilion GmbH B2.354 ees Europe
Iqony Solar Energy Solutions GmbH A4.280 Intersolar Europe
K2 Systems GmbH A6.190, A6.280 Intersolar Europe
Kostal Industrie Elektrik GmbH B6.150 Power2Drive Europe
KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH B3.130 Intersolar Europe
Ladegrün! eG B6.350A Power2Drive Europe
LG Energy Solution B1.410 ees Europe
Mahle ChargeBig GmbH B6.136 Power2Drive Europe
Mennekes Elektrotechnik GmbH und co KG B6.514 Power2Drive Europe
Mondas GmbH B5.150F EM-Power Europe
M-TEC Energy Systems GmbH B5.538 EM-Power Europe
MVV Energie AG C4.410 Intersolar Europe
Nationale Leitstelle Ladeinfrastruktur B6.171 Power2Drive Europe
Nidec Industrial Solutions B2.230 ees Europe
Olmatic GmbH B5.432 EM-Power Europe
REFU Storage Systems GmbH B2.360 ees Europe
Rolls-Royce Solutions GmbH B2.410 ees Europe
Samsung SDI C3.530 ees Europe
Schletter Solar GmbH A6.180 Intersolar Europe
Schneider Electric B6.530 Power2Drive Europe
smart1 solutions GmbH B5.112 EM-Power Europe
Socomec B2.350 ees Europe
SolarEdge Technologies GmbH B4.110, B4.119 Intersolar Europe
Solar-Log GmbH B5.318 EM-Power Europe
Tesvolt AG B2.110 ees Europe
The Mobility House B6.510 Power2Drive Europe
Varta Storage GmbH B1.210 ees Europe
vilisto GmbH B5.150C EM-Power Europe
Voltfang GmbH B2.109 ees Europe
Voltstorage GmbH C2.350 ees Europe
WAGO GmbH & Co. KG B5.310 EM-Power Europe
Webasto Thermo & Comfort SE B6.640 Power2Drive Europe
Xemex NV B5.560 EM-Power Europe
Xolta C2.314 ees Europe

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