Innovation prizes honor outstanding achievements in sector coupling and solar technology

AWARD Winner 2018

They are awarded to companies displaying particular esprit in developing advanced industry solutions. Companies that are a step ahead of the rest also stand a good chance of winning, as do business partnerships with extraordinary ideas already shaping the energy supply of tomorrow today. We are talking about The smarter E AWARD, Intersolar AWARD and ees AWARD.

In the categories of Outstanding Projects and Smart Renewable Energy, The smarter E AWARD honors noteworthy achievements and innovations which intelligently interconnect electrical energy, heat and transportation using decentralized and renewable energies. The Intersolar AWARD and the ees AWARD honor pioneering technologies and promising solutions in solar technology and energy storage technology. The awards not only reflect international trends, they also indicate the development direction the energy industry is headed in.

Beyond that, the awards represent a special appreciation of the winners’ work. The Australian company Unlimited Energy is a case in point, having received The smarter E AWARD last year for its off-grid project in the Outback. “We have always seen the innovation prize as the greatest form of acknowledgement in our industry. So we are honored that the international panel of judges has valued our efforts so greatly,” says the company’s CEO George Zsolt Zombori. Winning the prize helps companies to get involved in promising projects and to be able to share their specialized knowledge.

ABB’s communications manager Silvia Pieri explains how winning the Intersolar AWARD has earned the company additional customer awareness. In 2018, ABB was distinguished for its smart, connected three-phase, high-performance inverter. Pieri particularly appreciates the market confidence in technology and innovation established by the innovation prize.

Who does the panel of judges have its eye on this year? Join us on May 15, 2019 at the award ceremony as part of The smarter E Europe Forum to find out who will take home the prize.