Inverters: Digital all-rounders

Inverters are increasingly becoming digital all-rounders, facilitating new applications and business models in the areas of self-consumption, storage, smart homes, power-to-heat, e-mobility and grid services. One current trend is for digital platforms. more

Homeowners in Switzerland see the energy transition as an opportunity – the offer of the utilities so far is constrained

Swiss homeowners link mainly positive aspects to the energy transition, such as their own contribution to climate protection. This is shown in the results of a current survey from EuPD Research. However, a complete analysis of the portfolios of all Swiss energy suppliers in regards to products, services and information regarding the energy transition shows, that their offer is still expandable. more

Virtual power plants are developing into serious market contenders

Thanks to digitalization, small decentralized power plants can be combined intelligently into larger units. Just like large-scale power plants, they can aggregate the electricity generated and feed it into the grid in a controlled manner. These virtual power plants are becoming an important building block of the renewable energy supply. more

End customers focus on a combination of electric mobility and photovoltaics

A current survey from EuPD Research reveals that German home-owners are highly interested in using cost-effective self-generated photovoltaic energy for their electric vehicles. Home-owners, who are currently considering the purchase of an electric vehicle, are also intent on buying a photovoltaic system. Furthermore, it is seen as the utilities’ responsibility to offer specific automotive electricity tariffs. more

Expand your knowledge

Do you need current data so you can analyze international market conditions accurately? Are you looking for information to help you make sense of technological developments? Do you want to ask the experts about the future of the industry? Then you should attend the Intersolar Europe Conference, where you will find a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. more

Messe München: More than 20 charging stations for visitors of The smarter E Europe

At least since driving bans have loomed in big German cities like Munich, the subject of electric mobility has been relevant to society as a whole. Klaus Dittrich, Chairman & CEO of Messe München, thinks that companies in particular have a duty here. “By putting the e-charging infrastructure into operation, we are setting a milestone in the area of electric mobility and are affirming our pioneering role in environmental and climate protection. more