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Victor Torres Toledo

 Victor Torres Toledo
Job Title
Junior Researcher
University of Hohenheim

Victor Torres Toledo was born in 1981 in Spain and studied mechanical engineering in Madrid from 1999 until 2004. He moved then to Stuttgart where we worked for 8 years at Daimler AG as automotive engineer in several R&D departments.

In 2012 he enrolled the Institute of Agriculture Engineering of the University of Hohenheim. There, he currently supports research projects dealing with the productive use of solar energy for the agriculture in the tropics and subtropics.

Since 2014 he holds a MSc. Degree on solar air conditioning. He is a docent on the area of solar thermal and pv off-grid while he is finalizing his PhD studies in the area of solar milk cooling. His main motivation is to promote the use of small-scale solar systems to support the agriculture of remote areas. He currently co-works in projects in Tunisia, Kenya and Burkina Faso mainly in cooperation with the GIZ.

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Dairy Value Chains Supported by Solar! Field Experience in Implementing a Small-Scale PV Milk Cooling System in Tunisia and Kenya