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Pranav Mehta

 Pranav Mehta
Job Title
Managing Director and Chairman
National Solar Energy Federation of India: NSEFI

Mr. Pranav Mehta became the first chairman of NSEFI in May 2013. Nationally recognised technocrat, he has 40 years of exemplary experience of leadership within core industries such as steel, oil and gas, power, and most recently, in solar energy sector. He has held leadership positions at Reliance Petroleum Limited, Essar Group and Tata Iron and Steel Company.

Mr. Mehta played an instrumental role in establishing India’s first natural gas based sponge iron and steel plant at Hazira, Gujarat, resulting in reducing millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions He won National Metallurgist Award from the Government of India for his contribution in setting up this example for the metallurgy sector to embrace sustainable practices.

On another front, Mr. Mehta has played a significant role in ushering in CNG not only in the mega city of Ahmedabad but also other cities of Gujarat.

Instrumental in formation of NSEFI, he has been invited to international conclaves such as those in Germany and Qatar to share his views on development of solar energy sector, and to facilitate international co-operation.

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