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Marianne Walpert

 Marianne Walpert
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer
Simusolar Ltd.

Marianne Walpert has been working in the solar electric industry in the US since 1985. She founded and managed Pacific Solar Company, a photovoltaic system design and installation business in 1991. Ms. Walpert has also worked in the photovoltaic industry as Director of both marketing and engineering departments, and has a technical background as well as many years of management experience.

In 2014 Ms. Walpert founded Simusolar in Tanzania and the US. Simusolar Ltd. is based in Mwanza, Tanzania, and is providing financed solar-powered equipment packages for rural businesses and homes throughout Tanzania. She began working in Tanzania in 2007 when she founded the nonprofit organization, TanzSolar Ltd. TanzSolar has provided thousands of rural Tanzanians with solar lighting.

Ms. Walpert has a Masters degree in Physics from Northeastern University and a Bachelors Degree in Math and Physics from the University of California.

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