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Jan Remund

 Jan Remund
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Head of Solar Energy and Climatology

Jan Remund is working at the private company Meteotest in Bern Switzerland since 1993. He is head of solar energy & climatology unit and holds a master degree in nature science (geography) from the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich.

He’s a specialist in solar resource assessments, but worked also in other fields like wind energy resource mapping or weather forecast. His main project is the global climatological database Meteonorm (, which was initiated by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. He’s the main author of the project since 1995 and responsible for modelling, programming as well as for marketing aspects.

Jan’s main scientific international projects were EU FP5 Project SoDa (2000-2003), IEA SHC Task 36/46 (2005-2016), IEA PVPS Task 14 (2010-2014) and EU FP7 DNICast (2014-2018). In the IEA solar heating and cooling task 46 (“Solar Resource Assessment and Forecasting”, he worked mainly at solar radiation forecast. In the IEA PVPS Task 14 ( he contributed to three reports concerning solar forecast, power system operation and variability (IEA PVPS T14‐01:2013, IEA PVPS T14-04:2014, IEA PVPS T14-05:2015). He will lead the upcoming IEA PVPS Task 16 starting in July 2017.

Since 2011 Jan Remund worked also in the field of grid integration of renewables including the calculation of 100% renewables scenarios in Switzerland. Other main topics are the calculation of drought indices for forest planning (historic data and future IPCC scenarios) as well as modelling and measuring of specific irradi-ation data for photodynamic therapy.

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State of the Art and International Collaboration in PV Forecasting