Solarize Africa Market Report

Africa, as a continent, is almost as populated as China. However, Africa comprises 54 countries. The energy consumption on the African continent cannot be comprehended with mere numbers: they would not do justice to the variety of energy sources available. The same goes for the prospects and challenges ahead.

This report boldly claims “Solarize Africa” as a call to action to finally untap the potential for photovoltaics (PV) on the continent. The report will cover ten key markets on the African continent as well as trends, opportunities and business models.

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The smarter E Europe exhibition magazine

Exhibition Magazine 2019

The Exhibition Magazine reports on the topics dominating the industry’s agenda, from direct marketing of solar power, energy storage and e-mobility to virtual power plants. It will tell you where to find the most important events for each topic, what expert presentations you can attend at the Conferences, and which innovations from the international energy industry you can find in which exhibition hall. 

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Intersolar Europe Newspaper

Intersolar Europe Newspaper


  • Start-ups
  • Smart city
  • Intersolar Europe Conference
  • Renewable hybrid power plants and much more

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