Werner Diwald

Job Title
Chairman of the Board
German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

- born 12 November 1966 in Essen
Graduated as Technical MBA in Hamburg
- 2000 to 2008 Signatory/Project Manager at Uckerwerk Energietechnik GmbH/Enertrag AG
- From 2001 Director of ENERTRAG Systemtechnik GmbH.
- 2008 to 2013 Member of the Board at Enertrag AG, the leading project developers and operators of wind farms and hybrid power stations
- Since 2011 Member of the Federal Expert Commission for Energy Policy of the German Economic Council
- Since 2013 Director of ENCON.Europe GmbH
- Since 2014 Chairman of DWV
- Since 2016 spokesman of of the Expert Commission performing energy

October 06, 2021Green Hydrogen from and for Europe

October 06, 2021The Green Hydrogen Manifesto: Presentation of Demands for „Hydrogen as Enabler of a Circular Economy & Decarbonisation“


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