Susana Serôdio

Job Title
Environmental Engineering / Head of Policy
APREN - Secretário Geral

Susana Serôdio is an Environmental Engineering with a master's in engineering and technology management. Her professional activity has always been linked to the energy and environment field, having started as a researcher in the areas of innovation, technology and policy. After working also on the field of climate change and energy efficiency as a consultant in 2015, she took the role of energy policy analyst in the Technical Department of APREN. She is now the Head of Policy - in this role, she encompasses advice to members and stakeholders in the renewable energy sector, research and development of studies to promote and support policy decision making, representation and defence of APREN's strategic vision next to the official entities, national and international associations and stakeholders.

May 10, 2022Portugal - Lessons learned from Record low Solar Auctions


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