Saif Islam

Job Title
Research Consultant
EuPD Research

Saif Islam is a Research Consultant and Senior Analyst at EuPD Research. He joined the company in 2011 and has since been a part of a majority of all studies published in regards to energy and photovoltaics. In addition, Saif Islam participates actively in the studies to get a feel for what drives the installers, the most important intermediaries in the market.

Furthermore, Saif Islam is in close and constant contact with many of the biggest manufacturers in the industry and serves as a consultant for market research demand. In addition to offering consisting market information, Saif Islam analyzes and discusses current needs in order to set up exclusive research projects. Amongst others, he has been a part of various competitive and potential analyses.

His experience in working so closely with installers and manufacturers makes him a valuable asset for further projects in regards to lead generation. Here Saif Islam has lead various projects, both short- and long-term. His skill-set enables him to additionally participate in communication projects with 360 Consult. Last but not least he is an active participant in international fairs, where he consults existing customers and acquires further business contacts.

May 10, 2022Solar Drivers in Emerging European Solar Markets


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