Prof. Dr. Josef Kallo

Job Title
Managing Director of H2FLY GmbH Stuttgart and Institute Director
Universität Ulm (Institut für Energieumwandlung EWS)

University Education
1993 - 1998 Electrical Engineering (Diploma) with scientific cooperation work stay in
Newark, Delaware (USA)

Scientific Degrees
2004 Doctoral degree (Dr.-Ing.) in electrical engineering, University Ulm

Professional Experience and current appointments
1999 - 2006 Project Engineer, Global Alternative Propulsion Centre, General Motors,
Mainz-Kastel, focus on:
- Hybrid powertrains for car applications,
- Test/trak engineer for hybrid powertrain and hydrogen applications,
- Project management, patent appliance support and decision.

2006 - 2021 Head of Energy Systems Integration Department, German Aerospace Centre
responsible for simulation/modelling and hardware test/experiments in 3 research groups (ca. 32 researchers):
- Battery and fuel cell system integration in to stationary, mobile and aircraft applications,
- Emission free Airbus A320 electric nose wheel drive,
- Highly integrated battery system for space application
- Electric aircraft propulsion for Antares DLR H2 and HY4,
- Hybrid powerplant - Fuel Cells and Gas Turbine Hybrid,
- Industrial electrolyser up to 1 MW scale,
- Techno-economic analysis of synthetic fuel production process.

2014 - Founder and CEO of H2FLY GmbH Start-up - ARP 4754 development,
support for integration of new electric powertrain concepts in to aircraft
environment, owner of HY4 - the first 4 seater hydrogen, electric aircraft.

2015 - Appointment as Full Professor (W3m.L.) for energy conversion and storage
systems, University Ulm, (ca. 18 researchers in 2 groups)
Research focus:
- electrical, high performance machines, thermal and E-field management,
- highly integrated power electronic components (DC/DC/AC),
- energy management for hybrid (battery + ICE/fuel cells) powertrains,
- emission mapping and optimization of internal combustion gasoline

2017 - PI at the Helmholtz Intitute for Electrochemical Energy Storage, Ulm
International activities, awards, publications and scientific supervision
- Co-ordinator of national BMWI/BMBF/BMU Projects: Elbasys, Effesys, FuchS, DIANA, Dokasch, Brist, Antares DLR H2, PAxell, BZ-MOD, STEVE, LastElsys, HY4,
HighV, Go4H2, Bezel, MAHEPA, FLYhYSAfe, Bilbo, HIGHV - all focused on battery + hybrid electric powertrain architecture and implementation for aircraft and powertrain applications
- Initiating partner in 6 EU-RTD projects
- Chairman and founder of E2Flight, electric flight - conference,

- Chairman of IQPC More Electric Aircraft Symposium 2015-2019, Hamburg, Washington and Seattle
- International research collaboration with partners in Japan (JAXA), France (CEA,Onera), Spain (INTA), etc.
- f-cell Award and Clean Tech Media Award for electrochemical system integration in aircraft applications
- 30 publications in ISI listed journals, over 100 conference talks and publications
- Author or co-author of 12 patents and patent applications, h-index (Th. Reuters): 8, (Google Scholar): 14
- responsible for more than 105 Mio Euro funding acquisition for research projects focused on electric powertrain from energy storage (electric, hydrogen, synthetic fuels, ICE, etc.) to electric energy conversion, supply, management, cooling, power electronics and motor.
- Supervision of 16 PhD students and more than 80 diploma/master/bachelor students

Lectures, yearly since 2015:
- Power Electronics - Master course
- Energy Technology - Master Course
- Introduction in Energy Technology - Bachelor Course
- Energy Science and Technology 1 - Master Course, english
- Energy Science and Technology 2 - Master Course, english
- Renewable Energy Use and Distributed Energy Technologies

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