Market Trends

New Business Models

New business models and tenant power as building blocks in the expansion of photovoltaics 

The photovoltaics industry is increasingly looking to new business models based on self-consumption, power purchase agreements (PPAs), shared installations, virtual power plants – and particularly on tenant solar power. more


Making photovoltaics and energy storage systems more attractive for commercial enterprises from 2017 onwards

Photovoltaic installations offer a sound investment for many commercial enterprises again in 2017. According to the German Solar Association (BSW-Solar), purchasing a solar power and energy storage system featuring a PV installation with a nominal power below 750 kilowatts will become even more attractive in 2017. more


Large-scale photovoltaic power plants are booming worldwide | Electricity production costs experience a sharp fall

The photovoltaic capacity installed worldwide has now passed the 300 gigawatt mark. In the dynamically expanding markets, especially the market leader China, multi-megawatt power plants account for the large part of deployment. Increasing numbers of large-scale projects are also being developed and connected to the power grid in North and South America, India, in the Middle East and Africa. more

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Photovoltaic installations: safety and yield maximization grow in importance

Potential weaknesses in photovoltaic systems can lead to more serious problems or even result in hazards – which cause huge losses in revenue. For this reason, operations and maintenance service providers (O&M) are becoming increasingly important for photovoltaic owners. more


Cutting costs through economies of scale and new photovoltaic production technologies

Over the past months, the international photovoltaics industry has been investing heavily in new production capacities. In the future, it is also looking to invest in new plants for cell and module production or improve existing production lines, in order to reduce costs further and simultaneously increase capacity. Production technologies for more efficient solar cells are the main area of investment. more