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+39 050 3140770
Sunto by Alitec SRL
via Carbonia angolo via Arbatax snc
56021 Cascina, Italy
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Sunto's mission is to deliver outstanding solar measurements and tracking technologies pushing forward photovoltaic production efficiency.

Main Products

All-out Irradiation Sensor

CaptPro is a breakthrough sensing device that measures Global Normal, Direct Normal and Diffuse Horizontal solar Irradiance without sun trackers or other moving parts.
In its more advanced versions, it also calculates the Optimal Inclination of the tracked PV panel, the Maximum Irradiation Angle based on the current measurements of direct and diffuse irradiance. It also delivers measurements of the Global Horizontal, the Direct Beam Horizontal, the Global Tilted Irradiance, spectral-weighted on the PV panel technology too, the Ground Reflected Irradiance, and all solar irradiation components divided in four different spectral bands (IR, Red Green, Blue).

All-in Panel Sensor

APS is an original clamp-on device that, without interrupting the string continuity, delivers real-time measurements of the PV panel string current, temperature, and tracked PV panel tilt. Reactive O&M practices with a correct diagnosis and localization of anomalies at the panel level and a tracker level is crucial in order to improve performance and maximize the return on investment of solar assets.

Wireless Docking Station

WDS is a compact sun-fueled platform providing power, communication and networking capabilities to environmental monitoring sensors and technologies.
Each WDS can act as a repeater and network node, thus delivering enlarged area monitoring and smooth networking capabilities.

Sibyl Solar

It is the top-class cloud, real-time and predictive solution, based on the most advanced Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Quantum algorithms, to increase the performance ratio, to forecast the production of the solar plants and to optimise the O&M interventions across several solar assets. It is built merging together the deep competences of Sunto and Data Reply.

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