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PV and Battery Production Forum

The solar market is thriving, and demand for batteries is also rising steadily. Market researchers have predicted photovoltaics (PV) deployment of roughly 100 gigawatts (GW) for 2018. At the same time, the global market for batteries and fuel cells is already worth 5.5 billion euros and is forecast to exceed 81 billion euros by 2025. Everything is pointing towards a continuing upward trend in the coming years – prompting to focus more closely on production technologies: at the PV and Battery Production Forum you can learn all about essential first-hand knowledge of the latest developments and innovations.

Dates                              May 15-17, 2019                              



PlaceHall C1, booth C1.151
ParticipationRequires exhibition ticket

The smarter E Forum

Digitalization and decentralization are changing the face of the energy world for good. Renewable energy has become a crucial part of our energy supply system and the fields of generation, energy storage, distribution and consumption must be connected seamlessly and intelligently. The smarter E Forum showcases on all three exhibition days various aspects of these topics and features presentations and discussions of current approaches and solutions.

DatesMay 15-17, 2019
PlaceHall B3, booth B3.570
ParticipationRequires exhibition ticket