Cutting costs through economies of scale and new photovoltaic production technologies

Over the past months, the international photovoltaics industry has been investing heavily in new production capacities. In the future, it is also looking to invest in new plants for cell and module production or improve existing production lines, in order to reduce costs further and simultaneously increase capacity. Production technologies for more efficient solar cells are the main area of investment. Processes which increase the efficiency of crystalline solar cells and PV modules include, for example, the PERC and PERT technologies for rear side passivation on solar cells. Manufacturers are increasingly turning to heterojunction technology to ensure the highest degree of efficiency. Suppliers of production facilities for bifacial solar cells and modules, which absorb light and generate power from both sides, anticipate a 30% higher yield compared with those achieved by the cells available up till now. High-tech manufacturing, control and automation systems have the potential to increase both productivity and efficiency, while decreasing operating costs. The key to continued progress lies with new cell concepts, higher quality silicon wafers, optimized contacts and improved module concepts.

PV production technologies at Intersolar Europe

International machine manufacturers and technology suppliers will be showcasing their innovative photovoltaic production solutions at Intersolar Europe 2017. At the Intersolar Europe Conference, two sessions will focus on the new cell concepts and developments which are driving progress in solar cell manufacturing.

PV Cells: Which Cell Concepts will secure the Future? (Conference)
PV Manufacturing: What Development needs to be done to cope with COP21? (Conference)