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Product Groups

  • PV monitoring, measuring and control technologies
  • Operation and maintenance of solar power installations (O&M)
  • Products and services for microgrids
  • Products and services for smart grids
  • Weather forecasts and performance/yield forecasts for renewable power plants
Floor plan

Reuniwatt is a global actor with a proven expertise in atmospheric radiative transfer observation and forecasting. Building on strong investments R&D and scientific partnership, we offer dedicated and reliable products and services for various sectors including renewable energy, meteorology and transportation.

Notably, Reuniwatt offers services for solar irradiance measurement and power forecasting, intended for renewable energy professionals: project developers, operation and maintenance professionals, asset managers, grid operators, aggregators, or energy traders.

Reuniwatt offers the following products and services:

Solar radiation measurement services:

  • SunSat™ is a solar irradiance estimation tool using satellite data. SunSatlive is a real-time monitoring service available for any site or portfolio of solar installations on the planet. SunSattime series is a global service of historical solar radiation time series.
  • Solar InCell™ is a connected and autonomous solar reference cell that helps develop, manage and monitor photovoltaic plants on a daily basis.

Solar forecasting services:

  • InstaCast™ makes the most of Reuniwatt’s specifically developed developed sky camera Sky InSight, to monitor the cloud cover with an unprecedented accuracy. This service enables to precisely forecast the solar plants’ production within the next few minutes.
  • HourCast™ is a service for intraday solar forecasting, based on the treatment of real time satellite images coming from several geostationary satellites to cover the entire planet. Reuniwatt’s forecasting method has been recognised by solar experts as the most efficient on the market.
  • DayCast™ is Reuniwatt’s solution to obtain day-ahead solar forecasts. Its algorithms are based on weather models optimised for cloudiness and irradiance forecasting that are combined with artificial intelligence and statistical models. They forecast solar irradiance and PV production up to several days in advance.