Joint booth PV- and battery production

Photovoltaics and the markets for stationary and mobile storage solutions are booming. In conjunction with the boom in photovoltaics, the PV production technology sector is growing in the areas of automation, materials and components, cell and module production, system installation and assembly, and monitoring and measuring technology.

At Intersolar Europe and ees Europe 2020, hall C1 will be dedicated to PV and battery production, providing an ideal location for discovering the latest trends, for making contact with top managers, and for strengthening your international network. In the spotlight: PV- and battery production

This area is complemented by the joint booth PV and Battery Production which offers a cost-effective way for a participation.

These benefits are included:

  • Booth construction: Branding, floor covering, spotlights, decoration, chairs
  • Lockable counter with printed logo, bar stool, brochure rack
  • Electricity connection at the counter and consumption (up to 3 KW)
  • Booth surveillance outside the opening hours
  • Daily booth cleaning

Price: €330/sqm (plus VAT and additional costs (professional association fee, waste disposal, event directory entry)

Booth sizes: 6 sqm, 9 sqm, 12 sqm, 16 sqm, 20 sqm

In addition, there is the possibility of having a speaking slot at the Production Forum.

PV- and battery production