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Am Hahnweg 8
01328 Dresden, Germany

Product Groups

  • Manufacturing Equipment for solar cells, modules, thin films
  • Battery cell production
  • Fuel cells
  • Lithium-based batteries
Floor plan

VON ARDENNE develops and manufactures advanced coating equipment for the deposition of ultra-thin functional layers on materials such as glass, metal strip, wafers and polymer films and flexible glass.


The major international manufacturers of crystalline and thin-film solar modules use our highly productive equipment. We are also cooperating closely with them to develop the next generation of modules that will be even more efficient.


We have acquired an excellent process know-how based on the more than 150 coating systems we have installed for crystalline and thin-film solar module providers. This expertise has been incorporated into the development of coating systems for the next generation of high-efficiency solar cells.


VON ARDENNE already dominates the heterojunction technology (HJT) market with the modular XEA|nova wafer coating system. Such coating systems are currently operated in production lines with an overall capacity of 1.5 GWp.


Increasing productivity and reducing costs for cell production remain driving factors for the industry. Our latest system concept XENIA takes this trend into account and VON ARDENNE will keep working on new high-efficiency cell concepts.


VON ARDENNE coating systems are also setting new standards in thin-film photovoltaics. With these products, our customers manufacture thin-film modules for use in solar power plants, roofs and facades.


PIA|nova® and XENIA are modular, highly automated equipment platforms for the deposition of metallic contact layers, transparent conductive oxides (TCO) and various absorber layers, for instance for the CIGS or CdTe technology.


The trend in the industry is towards much larger modules. Thanks to many years of cooperation with module manufacturers and our experience in large-area coating, VON ARDENNE is a driving force in the reduction of production costs while simultaneously increasing the efficiency. Our modular systems for thin-film photovoltaics applications are setting new productivity standards with a coating width of up to three meters. Around the world, these coating systems are an integral part of production lines with an annual capacity of up to six gigawatts. Among those are individual lines with a capacity of up to one gigawatt per year.