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Thomas Köpke

 Thomas Köpke
General Manager
Fosera Manufacturing PLC

Thomas Koepke studied „Renewable Energy Systems“ at the University of Applied Science for Engineering and Economics Berlin until 2008 and moved 2009 after a short time in the German solar sector to Ethiopia in order to implement his plan of being actively involved in the electrification of Africa. For the first four years, he developed the technical department of Solar23 Ethiopia (now Solar Development PLC), which at that time was mainly involved in project work.

Parallelly, he worked for the German Development Cooperation in which function he was giving trainings in the offgrid solar field. During this time, more and more Pico PV systems were developed and became interesting for rural customers.

In 2012, a small group of German and Ethiopian individuals together with Fosera Germany decided to establish a local assembly line for Pico PV systems in Ethiopia. Since that time, Mr. Koepke is working as General Manager of Fosera Manufacturing PLC.

Since 2014 the company has its business license and in 2016 it reported profit for the first time. Furthermore, Thomas Koepke is active as consultant in the offgrid solar sector, trains in this function local or consults international and local organizations.


Experiences of a Pico PV Assembly Line in the Ethiopian Environment