Conference Proceedings of Intersolar Europe Conference and ees Europe Conference, October 6 2021

Below you find the presentations of day 1 of Intersolar Europe Conference and ees Europe Conference.

Intersolar Europe Conference

11.30am: High Level Industry Forum

ees Europe Conference

9.30am: Market Overview - Where the Action is, Today and Tomorrow

11.30am: Competitiveness - Exploring the Falling Costs of Energy Storage

2.30pm: Business Models - How to Stay Successful in a Maturing Market

  • Dr. Holger Hesse: Welcome & Introduction
  • Florian Mayr: Business Models for Grid Integrated Storage - A Market Trend Analysis
  • Dr. Martin Kruska: Monetizing Storage in European Power Grids: Asset Management in the Flexibility and Balancing Markets
  • Stefan Englberger: A Science View to Multi-Use and Vehicle-to-grid - Where are the Obstacles?
  • Ulrich Bürger: Profitability of Large Scale Stationary Energy Storage Beyond 2025 - Techno-Economical Requirements
  • Marcus Fendt: Vehicle-to-Grid: How EVs will Revolutionize the Energy Storage Landscape!
  • Dr. Michael Baumann: Endure or Surrender: the Decisive Role of Battery Lifetime for Profitability of Grid Tied Storage

Complete Presentations

4.30pm: Sustainable Batteries - Impact on the Market