Intersolar Europe

Exhibition: June 20-22, 2018
Conference: June 19–20, 2018


Smart Renewable Energy Forum

Welcome to the new energy world

The  worldwide  energy  market  is  undergoing  a  transformation, enabling  increasing  numbers  of  new  players  to  move  into  the spotlight. Rather than large-scale, centralized nuclear and fossil fuel power stations that supply consumers with energy, in the future, the energy supply will be secured by decentralized renewable energy plants, storage systems and consumers as so-called prosumers.  

In this decentralized landscape, concepts and technologies need to be developed to sensibly integrate clean energy into the grid. Numerous new digital services, products and solutions are currently being developed. They control the decentralized energy market of the future efficiently, flexibly and safely, and in doing so, optimally coordinate generation and consumption.  

In addition to highlighting technologies and challenges, the Smart Renewable Energy Forum showcases on all three exhibition days various aspects of this topic and features presentations and discussions of current approaches and solutions.

Dates June 20-June 22, 2018

Requires exhibition pass


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