Intersolar Europe

Exhibition: May 31–June 2, 2017
Conference: May 30–31, 2017


Side Event Requests

Your Event at the Intersolar Europe Conference

Dear Solar Professional,

Thank you for your interest in hosting a side-event during our Intersolar Europe Conference. Please have a look at our services and room rents below and contact Mrs. Banu Bektas for your request. Please include the following details to your email:

  • Date and time of event
  • Title of event
  • Event description
  • Expected delegate number
  • Seatin arrangement (theatre/ classroom)
  • Delegate Fee (yes/no)
  • Catering (yes/no)
  • Registration (yes/no)

If you require delegate registration you can use our webshop and we will provide staff on-site, the price per delegate registered is €40.

Catering is on self-order basis, you will have to book through one of the inhouse caterers from the venue. Alternatively we can book for you and will invoice you after the event, a coffee break is around 20€ pP, a lunch break around €40pP. Kindly note that this prices can change depending on the number you order.

All rooms are equipped with media system and a screen, a speakers lectern with mic, and one wireless or standing mic for the audience. For signage inside the venue we will charge you €100, a laptop and the presenter will cost you €168. For more equipment needed please ask Mrs. Banu Bektas.

RoomsqmRental Rate p. DayCleaning (€0,60p.sqm)
Room 2135€1,100€81
Room 3135€1,100€81
Room 4200€2,000€120
Room 5390€2,800€234
Room 11130€960€78
Room 12130€960€78
Room 13795€4,800€477
Room 13A385€2,600€231
Room 13B385€2,600€231
Room 142.730€9,100€1,638
Room 14A450€2,500€270
Room 14B450€2,500€270