Intersolar Europe

Exhibition: May 31–June 2, 2017
Conference: May 30–31, 2017



Information offered by German utilities about "green products" has little importance for end customers

From the point of view of 1,000 German households, the relevance of information offered by utilities clearly lacks behind other offers. The market and economic research institute EuPD Research has surveyed 1,000 households on the relevance of information offered by utilities regarding "green products". more

EU PVSEC to maintain European mobility

In June 2016 EU PVSEC, the largest international Conference in photovoltaics, took place in Munich at the same time as Intersolar Europe, the leading exhibition in the solar industry. more

Welcome to the new energy world

The worldwide energy market is undergoing a transformation, enabling increasing numbers of new players to move into the spotlight. Rather than large-scale, centralized nuclear and fossil fuel power stations that supply consumers with energy, in the future, the energy supply will be secured by decentralized renewable energy plants, storage systems and consumers as so-called prosumers. more

The new energy world

Lots of sunshine, strong winds: The conditions in spring are ideal for renewable energies. Almost too ideal, as May 2016 demonstrated: Over Pentecost, a stiff breeze was blowing on the German coast, the sun was shining in southern Germany, and industrial demand was low, as it was a public holiday. more