Intersolar Europe

Exhibition: May 31–June 2, 2017
Conference: May 30–31, 2017


Self consumption of solar power and storage systems reduce private and commercial costs of energy

Self consumption of independently generated power is becoming profitable in more and more countries due to the falling costs of photovoltaic installations and incentive programs for energy storage. The difference between the price of electricity and electricity production costs makes private generation of solar power particularly advantageous in Hawaii, Denmark and Germany. Storing solar energy produced during the day for consumption at a later point generates significant cost benefits.

Self consumption is an ideal option for commercial “prosumers” in the hotel, retail or chemical industry; skilled trades and even hospitals can profit from a higher self consumption of solar power — or even complete electrical self-sufficiency. The average commodity price for consumers (including electricity tax) can be in excess of 15 euro cents/kWh, whereas electricity production costs can be 10 euro cents/kWh or less, depending on the location of their photovoltaic installation.

Intersolar Europe presents technology that supports self consumption of solar power

Self consumption, which can be increased thanks to energy management systems and battery storage devices, not only allows consumers to cut ties with utilities, but also to improve returns from their own photovoltaic installations.

Manufacturers and systems integrators are showcasing the entire spectrum of innovative solutions for the on-site consumption of solar power at Intersolar Europe in Munich from June 22–24, 2016. The presentations at the Innovation & Application Forum (A2, booth 530) on all three days of the exhibition unveil the latest industry developments.

     June 22, 2016 | AWARD Ceremony
June 22-24, 2016 | Innovation & Application Forum (Exhibitor Presentations)
June 22-24, 2016 | Smart Renewable Energy Forum