Intersolar Europe

Exhibition: June 20-22, 2018
Conference: June 19–20, 2018


New technologies for integrating photovoltaics, energy storage devices and wind energy into the grid

The global expansion of photovoltaics and wind energy in new and established markets alike requires the grid integration of both private solar installations and multi-megawatt power plants. In Europe, for instance, photovoltaic systems are already feeding a total output of almost 100 gigawatts (GW) of solar power into the grid. In Germany alone, PV installations producing around 41 GW and wind power plants with 42 GW are connected to the grid. To interconnect the numerous renewable energy installations and to balance out the temporal fluctuations in energy production, an intelligent infrastructure with storage options is required.

PV plants, inverters and battery storage systems can and must provide system services, for example through helping to maintain voltage stability in the power grid or regulating voltage in the event of a failure in the grid. In addition to small storage systems and battery storage systems for domestic power supply, virtual power plants and interconnected large-scale storage system are already being used to provide the public grid with balancing power.

Intersolar and ees Europe offer visitors the opportunity to find out first hand about these technologies and also the business models of the future of energy. The special exhibit, the shared booth Wind meets Solar and Energy Storage in hall B2, booth B2.131 and the daily presentations over the course of the Smart Renewable Energy Forum all provide an international platform for discussing economic, technical and research questions concerning the interaction between solar and wind energy and electricity storage.

Grid integration solutions are being exhibited at Intersolar 2016 by suppliers of PV systems technologies and trading and marketing services in halls B2 and B3.