Intersolar Europe

Exhibition: May 31–June 2, 2017
Conference: May 30–31, 2017


Energy management systems make private solar power installations and large-scale photovoltaic power plants both smart and efficient

The digitalization of energy systems is becoming increasingly advanced: Companies working across the photovoltaics industry as well as home appliance manufacturers and energy suppliers are developing new, “smart”, connected solutions for managing renewable energy — from smart home and smart power plants, to the smart grid.

Innovative energy management systems help to integrate photovoltaics, battery storage systems and heat pumps into the energy supply of buildings, and enable the solar energy generated on-site to be used efficiently, for example through smart domestic appliances. Surplus clean solar power can also be used to drive electric vehicles, or even for heating.

High output and complex PV power plants require sophisticated monitoring and control systems to regulate the smooth feed-in of solar power into the medium-voltage or high-voltage grid, and the interaction between the system components (inverters, battery storage devices).Modern communications technologies enable plants to be controlled remotely and the solar power to be placed on the market directly or through the energy exchange.

Smart energy management technologies are presented by exhibitors at Intersolar Europe in halls B2 and B3 from June 22-24, 2016. Additionally, the presentations held at the Smart Renewable Energy Forum (hall B2, booth 131) on all three days of the exhibition provide information on the latest developments in energy management.

June 22-24, 2016 | Smart Renewable Energy Forum