Intersolar Europe

Exhibition: May 31–June 2, 2017
Conference: May 30–31, 2017

Market Trends

Smart Renewable Energy

Smart Renewable Energy at Intersolar Europe 2017

The major challenges facing the sustainable energy industry are the digitalization and networking of technologies. The modern energy supply is both smart and renewable. more


On-site consumption

Self consumption of solar power and storage systems reduce private and commercial costs of energy

Self consumption of independently generated power is becoming profitable in more and more countries due to the falling costs of photovoltaic installations and incentive programs for energy storage. more

energy storage

Energy management systems make private solar power installations smart and efficient

The digitalization of energy systems is becoming increasingly advanced: Companies working across the photovoltaics industry as well as home appliance manufacturers and energy suppliers are developing new, “smart”, connected solutions for managing renewable energy. more

energy managers

Intelligent energy management for private solar installations and large-scale PV power plants

From the telephone to the power grid or smart grid, digitalization has transformed our lives. more

grid integration

New technologies for integrating photovoltaics, energy storage devices and wind energy into the grid

The global expansion of photovoltaics and wind energy in new and established markets alike requires the grid integration of both private solar installations and multi-megawatt power plants. more

PV power plants

Large-scale photovoltaic power plants spur on worldwide solar boom

Dramatically falling costs are driving the global solar boom. In many regions, the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) produced from solar power is now the same as, or even lower than, that of energy from fossil fuels. more