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Henk Oldenkamp

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Henk Oldenkamp is well-known for the OKE4, one of the first and still smallest micro-inverter in the world, which he developed in the 90’s. He is a pioneer of micro inverter technology with more than 20 years’ experience in the development of micro inverters.

However, Henk started his career at the Wind Energy Group at the Technical University Eindhoven in 1982 after completing his Bachelors’ degree in Electrical Engineering. In 1984 he founded his one-man company OKE-Services. In first instance the activities focused on electronics for renewable energy technologies in general. After completing his Masters in Power Electronics in 1988 he dedicated his work to photovoltaics.

In 1992 he started the development of the OKE4. In 1994 the production and sales of the OKE4 was licensed to NKF. During 1997 – 2002 more than 80 000 units were produced and sold mainly in the Netherlands. Unfortunately NKF stopped its photovoltaic activities in 2003.

Despite this disappointment, Henk continued believing in micro-inverters and started developing a new micro-inverter, the OK4All, with the focus on an integral approach: striving to optimize efficiency, cost and reliability.

In September 2009 SMA Solar Technology AG acquired the OK4All micro-inverter technology platform from Henk. For a couple of years Henk has been working closely together with SMA as consultant regarding micro-inverter technology.

During 2014 and 2015 Henk Oldenkamp dedicated his time to the Little Box Challenge, which was organized by Google and the IEEE. The challenge was to develop the smallest 2 kW power inverter. Henk Oldenkamp was selected as one of the 18 finalists out of 650 teams worldwide.

Though unfortunately Henk did not win the challenge, it gave new inspiration for developing “The True AC-module” and corresponding inverter: a PV-module in which the inverter is fully integrated.


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From Googles Little Box Challenge to The True AC-Module

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